What is Service Marketing: Best detailed Guide

What is service marketing
What is service marketing

In this article, we are going to talk about Service marketing definition, the Characteristics of services marketing, the importance of services marketing, and we will overall cover what is Service Marketing. So, now we will start with the topic, first, we will see the definition of service marketing.

Service Marketing Definitions:

Services are intangible and do not offer any sense of ownership. Service is a performance or act which can be transferred to another party in intangible form. For example education, we cannot taste, see, or sensed the education we can only experience it.

What is Service Marketing?

It is the act of building a strategy to identify or anticipate the service needs of the consumer and meeting their expectation by delivering value to them. Marketing of services is different from Product Marketing, The marketing mix is also different from the service mix. The marketing mix has 4P’s of marketing but the service mix has 7P’s of service.

Examples of services
Whenever we go to a dentist we use the services of the dentist and the treatment we get relief and return back to home. But in this whole process, we don’t get any physical commodity but then also we consumed a service in the form of treatment. 

Characteristics of Services Marketing/ Features of Services Marketing

  1. Intangibility: Services cannot be touched, sensed, tasted, seen, heard, and felt before buying. For example, if a person ‘A’ is getting cosmetic surgery so he cannot see the results before the treatment. Even the customer doesn’t know the outcome of that particular service. So, somewhere they look for tangible aspects so here companies can “tangibilize the intangibles”.
  • For example, a retail store wants to position itself as a “Fast Supermarket” so here they have to look over tangible aspect for tangibilizing the intangibles such as they will look over People they will ensure that there is enough workforce so there will be no workload, they will look over at Place that layout of checkout area and traffic flow is planned. Here one thing which everyone should note is that nothing is purely tangible or intangible so there is a mixture.
      • Implications of intangibility on services:
        • It(service) cannot be inventoried which results in a mismatch of supply and demand.
        • It cannot be easily patented
        • It cannot be readily displaced or communicated & pricing is difficult
        • These services are supply constraints and the services cannot be stored
  • Inseparability: Services are produced and consumed simultaneously. Whereas in the case of products, physical products can be manufactured, inventoried, and then distributed. In the case of haircut services, Barber has to be there and the customer also has to be there then only haircut services can be delivered. The service provider and consumer have to be present there, they cannot be separated as it is delivered simultaneously.
  • Variability: Services are variable it cannot be the same all time, for example, service changes if we change the teacher because every teacher has their own way of teaching. Let’s take one more example person ‘A’ took the cab service from Agra to Delhi, So what service he gets when he traveled from Agra to Delhi will not get the same service ‘A’ when he will travel from Delhi to Agra.
    As the driver will get changed, the cab will change, the interior of the cab will be different.  But it doesn’t mean that service will not be great, service can be great in both ways but service will be different in both ways, it will not be the same due to the variability factor in service.
  • Perishability: Services can not be stored so perishability becomes an issue when demand.
    fluctuates. Perishability of services means they cannot be returned, stored, saved, or resold once delivered to a customer. Perishability affects the company’s performance because it is difficult to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

Importance of Service Marketing:

The real importance of service marketing is basically based on its value and relationship. Services Marketing can be used to market any service or products worldwide using different platforms which may or may not include Social Media and similar connecting platforms.

  • Marketing of services can play the role of a key differentiator, for example, if two hotel chains are dealing in the same food so here in this case their service quality can play the role of a differentiator. So here hotel A will differentiate itself from hotel B on the basis of service quality and attract consumers.
  • Marketing of services leads to customer retention as we know services are produced and consumed at the same time so here the customer is involved in the process and by taking their suggestions and feedback company can customize service and can meet customer satisfaction which will lead to customer retention.

So, this is all about what is Service marketing, the Importance of service marketing, the meaning of Services, and the characteristics of services marketing. If you find value in our article so do like & share it with your friends. Keep Visiting the blog for daily updates and marketing knowledge “daily information“.

Source: Sonu Singh – PPT wale What is service marketing: Detailed guide


Service definition in marketing

The service definition in marketing association is defined as Activities, benefits, and customer satisfaction if combined gives proper results outcomes with the number of sales.

What is the difference between product and service?

There is a big difference between product and service, Products are tangible, we can see, feel, and touch the product. Examples of product are toothpaste, detergent, bag etc.

Services are intangible, Which cannot be seen and touched, for example, when doctors give treatment to patients then patients cannot see the service, we can only experience the service.

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