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TrueCaller Alternatives
TrueCaller Alternatives

Now day TrueCaller is one of the most trending Apps.TrueCaller provides various features some of them are Call blocking, Caller Identification, Call recording, and Flash messaging. People use this app because they want to know who is calling them before answering any unknown number. But Friends today we will see the TrueCaller alternatives app means that app that is similar to TrueCaller and provides better features than TrueCaller.

When someone calls you, TrueCaller checks the number in the Database and fetches the related information, and Provides you information about the caller sometimes even after seeing information about the caller user refuses to attend the call because the caller is unknown and the caller reason is not known. So TrueCaller added this feature too by which users can get to know the details of the individual one who is calling you and why they are calling.

Now you argue how TrueCaller can know about caller’s reason for calling. For this company added a feature in the app where you can add reason as to why you are calling a particular individual. Let’s continue on the list of 5 best TrueCaller alternatives that you can use in 2021.

Best TrueCaller Alternatives

Now If TrueCaller is offering so many features then why anyone is looking for alternatives to TrueCaller. So we know nothing is so perfect everything has some issues.  One issue that it’s consuming too much power because it’s always running in the background. Another is consuming too much data it takes control over calls messages and contacts. If you feel the same then this is the right time to find out TrueCaller similar apps in India. Let’s look at the top 5 best TrueCaller alternatives app.


Whoscalli the best truecaller alternative
Whoscall – TrueCaller Alternatives

Whoscall provides a similar feature like TrueCaller like Caller Identification, Call blocking. It’s having over 80 Million Users Strong coverage having over 1.6 Billion phone number entries 3 Billion Spam calls blocked. One of the best features of the Whoscall is datastore in local storage so users can get caller details even without a network and this gives a significant lead over TrueCaller. With top ratings and reviews and this app is awarded by Google Play as Best App so it’s a safe choice Whoscall app is available for both iPhone and Andriod.


Hiya TrueCaller alternative
Hiye one of the best alternatives to TrueCaller

Hiya is similar to TrueCaller this will provide you with features like Caller Identification, Call blocking, Spam call Identification. The app allows you to search unknown numbers and automatically blocks spam calls. Another interesting feature of this app is totally free of cost even on ads. Ads-free premium experience is expected by every user so if you are looking for this kind of premium experience without any cost with Caller Identification then Hiye will be going to the best TrueCaller alternative.


“Always Know Who’s Calling” CallApp Automatically Identify Phone calls, Spammers, Telemarketers, unknown and unwanted numbers. You can block calls in a single tap you can block the calls so it can never bother you again. CallApp provides you with Social Dialer, Social Dialer sync and updates your contact list with photos and information from social media networks such as Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Call recording, Phone number search, car mode, Birthday and many more features are available in CallApp.

Call is available on Google play store.


Callblock is an IOS-based call blocking app. Callblock claims to stop unwanted calls and texts, with the world’s biggest directory of telemarketers of 3000000 from 100+ countries. This app will reduce unwanted calls and texts by more than 85% you can also report missing or misclassified telemarketers. With a single click, you can block the caller. Callblock does not provide caller Identification however its call blocking feature is one of the most robust features.

Callblock is not a free app it provides 30 days trial for free then you have to pay for a subscription. This app is developed, designed, and maintained by Rocketship, which is an award-winning app studio and it is the maker of the most popular ad blocker Adblock fast.


Trapcall is one of the best similar apps to truecaller. This app is available in both android and iOS versions. According to the play store ratings, the ios app is having more ratings than the android app. TrapCall provides you many features which include blocking spam calls, identifying callers, recording calls, it gives a permanent Blacklist solution, and by using TrapCall you can automatically block robocalls and many more things.

The most important and amazing feature is the No Caller ID feature by which we can easily know who is calling us, So if you want to accept the call you can accept the call or reject the call. This app is available with three plans which are basic, premium, ultimate. So, trapcall free alternative can be used in place of Truecaller if you are worried about your privacy.

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see an incoming caller’s name and number before you answer. This app shows you photos and names of unknown callers. The amazing feature of this app is that it has the ability to sync with social media profiles. CallerId syncs with social media profiles such as Facebook to identify the photos of contact and other details.

If you will ask how Caller Id works so when someone calls us within one or two rings, the name & phone number of the person calling you will show up on the screen. If you don’t answer the call, in most cases, the caller’s information will get automatically stored in the device’s memory. So lastly this app provides rich features as compare to other apps and this is the best TrueCaller alternative app.


So friends these were the top 5 TrueCaller alternatives that you can use to block spammers & scammers and stay safe online. Some of the aforementioned apps are free and some of them are paid you can have a look at these TrueCaller similar alternatives that work exactly the same. Caller ID is also the best Truecaller alternative and apps like Trapcall are free to use.

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How TrueCaller Works

When we install TrueCaller it will scan and copy all the contact in there database and this way TrueCaller have a huge database of contact using that TrueCaller provide information about Caller this process called Crowd-Sourcing.

A condition comes when a contact number store with a list of different names then the AI, Machine Learning Algo comes into the picture. Who processes all the names and surnames and provides a meaningful full name and maps it to the number. So whenever you receive a call from an unknown number then Truecaller fetches the caller information from the database and shows you on display.

How To Remove details from TrueCaller?

Remove your details using Browser

To Unlist the number you need to browse “TrueCaller unlist” from the browser and then select the country and enter the mobile number then it will ask you a reason to remove the number from TrueCaller so select from available and then proceed. This will remove your number from the Truecaller database.

Remove using App

Removing details using phones comes with Deactivating app from Phone. This is the only way to remove details using the phone. So to deactivate the app go to settings -> Privacy Center and then deactivate the account.

How TrueCaller Make profit

So Major source of earning is –

  • Advertisement
  • Data sharing

Now days most of the popular apps are earning a larger part of profit from Advertisement so the same goes for TrueCaller. TrueCaller shows ads on their websites mobile apps and even between calls.

In Today’s time data is more valuable than anything else and TureCaller have a huge database of user information. True Caller share your data with third-party apps and earn a huge profit. If you liked this article on 5 best TrueCaller alternatives, do share with your friends and let them know about it.

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