How can I prepare for the SSC CGL Exam in 3 months?

The SSC CGL Examination is one of the most aspired examinations in India and typically draws up a lot of aspirants competing against each other across the nation for various Group B/C posts in the GoI. This exam can be cracked with a proper preparation in 3 months, given you know the syllabus and exam pattern.

Prepare SSC CGL in 3 Months

You can find the 3-month strategy below, which I had followed during my preparation:

prepare ssc cgl in 3 months
prepare ssc cgl in 3 months
prepare ssc cgl in 3 months
prepare ssc cgl in 3 months

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Some general tips on how to plan a strategy:

  • Right Books: Any standard reference book/study material like the NCERTs is supple enough to clear the exam, and conceptual understanding is what is expected, at the end of the day.
  • Note Making: One of the basic qualities of an aspirant, making notes not only eases your revision, but also enhances memory & retaining power.
  • NCERT Books – Inevitable: A basic understanding can be obtained when you read NCERTs of Class 6-10, especially Science and Mathematics.
  • No. of Hours ≠ Exam Score: Merely spending some 12-16 hours a day without interest will never fetch good scores. Understanding concepts matters.
  • More time for weaker subjects: This makes you strengthen weaknesses and give more time to understand difficult concepts.
  • Consistency: Putting the same effort everyday is a rule of thumb.
  • Revision: Keep revising – Daily, weekly and monthly; Only then you can retain the concepts, & there are no two ways about this.
  • Mock Tests: Attending a test is better than reading a topic 10 times. This is true, especially for Aptitude.

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Hope this helps🙂

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