Best TrueCaller Alternative- Reviews & suggestion

Now day TrueCaller is one of the most trending Apps.TrueCaller provides various features some of them are Call blocking, Caller Identification, Call recording, and Flash messaging. People use this app because they want to know who is calling them before answering any unknown number. But Friends today we will see the TrueCaller alternatives app means … Read more

How to install WhatsApp on Chromebook 2021: Best Guide!

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the world, Over 2 billion people are using WhatsApp in more than 180 countries. WhatsApp keeps us connected with our relatives, cliques friends, and family. It has features like chat, video calling, and voice calling. Now you must be thinking, How to use WhatsApp on Chrome or can … Read more

Best WhatsApp Alternatives you can use in 2021

In this article, we are going to list out the 5 best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021. As you know social messaging and chatting Apps are an unconditional part of day-to-day life. People are using messaging apps to connect with their friends, family, and work associates. Morning to Evening people is spending a lot of time … Read more

Marketing Mix: Detailed Guide for 4 Ps and 7 Ps of marketing mix

Hello, friends today we will learn about the marketing mix which includes the 4 Ps of marketing and 7 Ps of marketing. So, here we will start with understanding ‘what is marketing’ after this we will understand the marketing mix and at last, we will understand elements of the marketing mix. What is Marketing? Marketing … Read more

How to install Node JS and NPM on your computer: Easy guide 2021

How to Install Node JS

Today we will learn about how to install node js and npm, So friends let’s get started. Node.js is the open-source and the best cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. A Node. js app runs in a single process, rather than starting a new thread for each request. When Node.js performs an I/O operation, such as reading … Read more

What is Service Marketing: Best detailed Guide

In this article, we are going to talk about Service marketing definition, the Characteristics of services marketing, the importance of services marketing, and we will overall cover what is Service Marketing. So, now we will start with the topic, first, we will see the definition of service marketing. Service Marketing Definitions: Services are intangible and … Read more

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