How to Rotate Screen On Chromebook-Easy Guide

How to rotate screen on Chromebook

We have already covered the setup and installation of Chromebooks in our previous post. In this post we will be discussing ‘how to rotate screen on Chromebooks‘ and other shortcuts and utilities of Chromebook. These Shortcuts and utilities can save your a lot of time, Which can we utilize in some productive work.

how to Rotate screen on Chromebook using Keyboard

Let’s see how to flip screen on Chromebook using the keyboard. This is a very simple and easy-to-remember method you just have to press CTRL + Shift +F3 (Refresh Key) at the same time. One thing you have to remember that at last, you have to press the refresh key it may be F3 or may not be because in some systems it can be F3, and may be different in another system so do press the refresh key according to your system.

So, friends after giving the command a pop-up will occurs for the confirmation once you click on to continue your screen will rotate to 90 degrees. Remember that the trackpad on the Chromebook follows the orientation of the screen. This means I want to say that, if the Shelf is located along the left edge of the screen, horizontal movement on-screen is now top to bottom rather than side to side. Even after a reboot, the screen retains its rotated orientation until the user presses the key combination.

Rotate Screen on Chromebook using settings

In this method, you can easily rotate the screen 270 degrees, but this method takes more time than the previous keyword method.

Let’s see step by step guide and we will learn how to flip screen on Chromebook using setting:

  • Go to the setting option in the top left corner and click
  • Then go to the device and select the displays setting option
  • Now go to the Orientation option and select the desired orientation. It will reflect and if it’s what you want then close the window.

Note – If you have other displays configured then you need to make the same change on all the screens independently.

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How to take screenshots on Chromebook?

You just have to use your keyboard for taking screenshots on Chromebook, you have to press CTRL and windows switcher key at the same time this will take a full snapshot of the screen.

if you want a partial screenshot then use ctrl+shift+windows switcher keys at the same time after then using the cursor select the required region of the screen.

How to open file manager in Chromebook

The answer of this question is very simple, you have to use your keyboard keys for this and press Alt + shift + m is the key to open file manager and make sure to press at the same time all the key.

How to Lock the screen on Chromebook

This is going to be your favorite shortcut because you can not leave your system open for misuse by others so this shortcut is going to be on your fingerprint

Ctrl + Shift + L is the shortcut to lock Chromebook

How to logout current session in Chromebook

The very simple method to logout current session in Chromebook is this – you just have to press this keyboard shortcut and current session will be logged out. So the shortcut is Ctrl + shift + q will help you quick logout.

How to open Caps locks on Chromebook

You were not able to find out direct button for switch on Caps mode. in Chromebook, you have to press Search + Alt to switch to Caps mode


So friends this was the simple guide to know How to rotate screen on Chromebook with two simple and easy to understand method. I have also shared various other Chromebook keyword shortcuts which will help you further while operating Chromebook. Friends if you have any other doubt, just comment down below.

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