How To Right Click On Chromebook: Easy Guide

Hello friends, I am here again with new topic related to Chromebook. Today we will learn how to right click on Chromebook in a very easy and simple method.

How to right click on Chromebook using touchpad

You have to tap the touchpad with two fingers. After tapping on the touchpad, the right-click menu will open. This is a very simple and easy method. Or other than this you can go one step ahead with enabling the tap-to-click feature of Chromebook.

  • At first, open the settings and for that, you have to first open the notification tray and the system menu by clicking on the clock.
  • The next step is to scroll and click on Advanced, which is there at the bottom
  • Scroll again and click on the touchpad, which is under the device section.
  • Toggle “Enable tap-to-click” to the on the position in the touchpad settings.
  • To perform a right-click, all you have to do now is tap both fingers against the touchpad and do not need to fully depress it.

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Right Click On Chromebook is using the keyboard

Now friends, let’s see how to right-click on Chromebook using the keyboard. You have to press the Alt button on the keyboard, hold it and at the same time click on the touchpad that’s it. You can do one more thing if you have enabled the option Tap-to-click, you just have to press Alt and tap anywhere on the touchpad.


Guys, this was the short guide on ‘how to right click on Chromebook’ from my side. Here I have explained how to right click on Chromebook using the touchpad and keyboard. You guys can choose the best and simplest method according to you.

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