How to install WhatsApp on Chromebook 2021: Best Guide!

How to install whatsapp on chromebook
Install WhatsApp for Chromebook

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the world, Over 2 billion people are using WhatsApp in more than 180 countries. WhatsApp keeps us connected with our relatives, cliques friends, and family. It has features like chat, video calling, and voice calling. Now you must be thinking, How to use WhatsApp on Chrome or can we install WhatsApp on Chromebook, So, guys yes you can install WhatsApp for Chromebook and you can easily use Whatsapp on Chromebook, here I will share the step-by-step guide for installing WhatsApp on your Chromebook.

Now, you can easily install WhatsApp for Chromebook on your computer device. You can easily do text, audio calls, and even video calls from WhatsApp on your Chromebook. Also, read about the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2021.

Features of WhatsApp

Chat: WhatsApp provide the feature of messaging or chatting with our friends & family.

Group Chatting: WhatsApp keeps us connected with friends, family, and co-workers group. Users can easily share photos, videos, and messages with 256 people group at once.

WhatsApp voice & video call: By using WhatsApp we can easily talk to our friends over audio or video call.

Document Sharing over WhatsApp: On WhatsApp, we can easily share documents such as PDF, word documents, zip files. You can easily send documents up to 100 MB.

WhatsApp Payment: WhatsApp payment is the latest feature launched by WhatsApp in the year 2020. To use WhatsApp payment you have to link your bank account with WhatsApp and then you can easily send and receive money through WhatsApp pay.

Install WhatsApp on Chromebook: 2 Simple Methods

Now, we will look at the guide to install WhatsApp on Chromebook. So, guys if you have access to the play store in Chromebook then you can go with the first options otherwise you will go for the second option. Here we will see two ways of installing WhatsApp for Chromebook Device.

Download and Install WhatsApp from play store on Chromebook

This is one of the easiest methods to install and download WhatsApp on Chromebook but you need to have the latest Chromebook with a pre-installed Google play store application.

  • Open Google play store and search WhatsApp.
Open Google Play store
install WhatsApp on Chromebook
  • Now you can see the install option, then click on the install button, & WhatsApp installing will get started, you have to wait till WhatsApp gets installed.
Open Whatsapp
Download & Install WhatsApp app for Chromebook
  • Now you can see the Open option as given in the image. let’s open the app by clicking on Open.
Open WhatsApp
installing WhatsApp on Chromebook

After opening the app you will see the terms & conditions of WhatsApp so now you have to click on agree and continue.

Whtasapp terms and condition
Whatsapp terms and conditions
  • Now on the next page, you have to choose your country and you have to fill in your mobile number for verification.
How to install Whatsapp on Chromebook
Verify Whtasapp and use WhatsApp for Chromebook
  • For the verification, you will receive a 6 digit verification code on your mobile phone. Then WhatsApp will automatically verify it or you can manually put their verification code.
  • Then they will ask do you want to backup data so if you want you can click continue otherwise you can click not now.
  • Now you will see the WhatsApp profile page where you can put profile details and click next and finally, our WhatsApp is installed, now you can chat or call your friends.

Let’s look at the second method by which we can install WhatsApp on Chromebook

Install WhatsApp on Chromebook using APK file

In this option, you can install WhatsApp app on Chromebook by using an APK file. So, if Method 1 doesn’t work for you, then you can go for the 2nd method where you can install WhatsApp using the APK file. In order to install WhatsApp on your Chromebook device using an APK file, first, you have to enable developer mode on Chromebook.

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Enable Developer or Recovery Mode on your Chromebook device

NOTE: By using this method you might lose your data so it is recommended to take a complete backup of the Chromebook. Learn how to take a complete backup of your Chromebook.

  • First of all, Turn off your Chromebook.
  • Boot your Chromebook into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Esc and Refresh Key when you power on your Chromebook computer.
  • Hit CTRL + D when asked to insert a recovery media.
  • Finally, wait for a couple of minutes, and your device will now boot into recovery mode.

Read this detailed article on how you can easily enable developer mode on Chromebook device easily.

So, now you have enabled developer mode in your Chromebook. So, now we will download APK file on the WhatsApp official page, or in another way you can download the APK file on our android mobile, and then we can transfer that file into the Chromebook by pan drive, USB, etc.

Now you have to navigate to the directory where you have to save the APK file. Right-click on the APK file and select package installer to start the installation.

Here you will see a warning pop up on your screen because APK files can sometimes contain malware. Now you have to Click on “Continue.”

On the next page, you have to click on “install” to begin the installation process.

You have to click “Done” when the installation completes. You can now use the launcher to launch WhatsApp Messenger by searching for it.

So finally we install WhatsApp on Chromebook devices using APK files and now we can easily use WhatsApp on our devices. With these two methods, you can get WhatsApp for Chromebook.


Can I use WhatsApp on Chromebook?

Yes, you can easily use WhatsApp on Chrome, Either you can download and install WhatsApp on your Chromebook, or can simply search WhatsApp web in chrome and use start using WhatsApp on Chromebook.

How do I open WhatsApp web in Chrome?

Below are the steps to open WhatsApp Web in Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome and Search WhatsApp Web.
  2. Now you will see a QR code on your computer screen so now open WhatsApp on your phone.
  3. You will see the three-dot at the right top of WhatsApp first page, Click there and open WhatsApp web.
  4. Now you will see a QR code scanner on your phone screen so now you have to scan the QR code which is on the desktop screen.
  5. WhatsApp is open in your chrome browser, now you easily use WhatsApp on a computer.

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