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Hello, Freinds today we will see the best Grammarly alternatives available in the market, before that let’s learn about Grammarly. Grammarly was founded by Max Lytvyn, Dmytro Lider, and Alex Shevchenko, in the year 2009. They have the mission of improving lives by improving communication. Grammarly is used for checking spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and it helps in creating perfect and catchy sentences.

Friends as a blogger, student, or content writer you must have used Grammarly. If yes, then you must have faced some problems with Grammarly and In Grammarly, most of the functions are provided premium pack only. In free it just provides spelling check and grammar check which we can see on MS- word itself. So friends here I have researched and I got some of the free best Grammarly alternatives.

Friends, today I will tell you the best alternative to grammarly available in the market so that you can use those software’s and tools to optimize your content in terms of readability which includes grammar, sentence creation, spelling checker, and suggestions to improve the sentences. So friends let’s start with the topic:


Ginger is one of the best Grammarly alternative. The Ginger grammar checker software helps us to write user-friendly and improves the readability of content. Ginger grammar software says that they check the text as a human reviewer check. Ginger Grammar Checker uses patent-pending technology to analyze the context of your sentence and correct grammar, misused words, and spelling errors with unrivaled accuracy.

Ginger is best for writing and checking blogs post and email correspondence or I would say whatever you are writing it would help you in writing it perfectly. Ginger not only corrects errors, but also provides explanations, language tips, and personalized advice to help you improve your writing and style. Ginger grammar checker tool supports more than 60 languages and To check your spelling mistakes, you can easily switch between UK English and US English.

Language Tool

Language Tool is a free intelligent writing assistant software. You can easily check the grammar or spelling mistakes of the content. This software highlight spelling errors with red underlines, Grammar mistakes are highlighted in yellow. Although there are other similar apps like Grammarly, but the Language Tool app is the one to go for in 2021.

Language Tool also reliably marks style issues by underlining them in blue colour. It’s the best alternative to Grammarly, What distinguishes the Language tool is that it includes Canadian, American, British, Australian, New Zealand, and South African dialects of English! If that isn’t enough, it also has spellchecking in 28 languages, including Tamil, Breton, and Asturian.


Linguix works on the AI model and helps its users in correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation. The Linguix main goal is to connect their audience by providing them better writing and they keep on updates their software to improve the writing experience with Linguix and to make us a better writer.It is an best Grammarly alternative in lower cost.

It helps in completing 2700 grammars, 9 million typos, punctuation, and sentence structure checks. Linguix provides Extensions for a variety of browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, that allow you to edit your writing on most platforms and apps. They include Google Docs, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It supports writing, on the phone through the Linguix keyboard on Android and iOS.

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The writer is an AI assistant copywriting tool that helps in perfect and effective copywriting. The Writer analyzes our content according to the style guide provided by us and provides instant reviews to make our content effective and professional. The writer is mainly known for creating branding projects where it maintains the consistency of a brand in terms of content quality and they also help with website content writing, E-mail, and social media writing.

The biggest advantage of the writer is that it provides free grammar checks, free plagiarism checks, and free punctuation checks. It is the best free Grammarly alternative. It provides a content style guides portal that publishes the guidelines for your company’s content. Here you can add company terminology and boilerplate messaging with some limits in a free package but it is unlimited in the Enterprise package. The writer provides 30 days free trial then 11$ for stater package


Readable software is used for improving readability scores by improving grammar and spelling mistakes. In my view, this is the best software for blog writers so that they can easily check the readability score so that the users can easily understand the blog.

Readable analyses the readability of a user’s website or text and suggests ways to improve it using tested and proven readability formulas as well as our own proprietary scoring systems. If you want to ensure your content is readable by 85% of the general public, then you have to aim for a readability score of Grade 8 or better than this.

Slick Write

Slick Write is the best Grammarly alternative as it provides more services in free as compared to Grammarly. Slick Write is a completely free tool where you can do grammar checks, stylistics mistakes. Slick Writer is a very simple tool and very easy to use.

Slick Writer has extensions for Chrome and Firefox so that you can download the extension for further use. Slick Write is a powerful, free application that allows you to easily check your writing for potential stylistic errors, grammar errors, and other various interesting features. Slick Write can help you take your writing to the next level, whether you’re a novelist, blogger, student writing an essay for school, or SEO professional.


Scribendi is a grammar editing and proofreading tool. Scribendi was founded in 1997 by Terry Johnson and Chandra Clarke to connect ideas and people across the globe through professional linguistic services.

Scribendi has created different sets of services for different people such as they are having services for academic in which they include academic editing, academic proofreading, second service is a business or corporation which include website editing, blog editing, and business proofreading so like this Scribendi has many offerings available for different types of business or we can say different types of writing needs.


So Friends these were some good Grammarly alternatives available in the market. Some of them are paid tools and some of them are free tools. In my view the selection of tool totally depends on your requirements such as if you don’t have much high and specific requirements so in that situation you can use free tools or a mixture of tools such as Grammarly is providing free grammar and spelling correction but plagiarism checker is paid so for plagiarism checking you can use Writer as it give free plagiarism checking services. So in this way you can manage the work if you can’t afford costly tools.


Is there a free alternative to Grammarly?

Yes, there are various free alternative to Grammarly is available such as Writer, Slick write, Language tool and various other free Grammarly alternatives are available and In this article I have listed out those free apps like Grammarly.

Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

In my view both the tools are best in their domain talking about Grammarly so it’s a most famous tool currently used by users for grammar and spell check and both the tools comes with basic features in free as well, So it totally depends on your need and compatibility with the software that which software yo find easy to use and for a more detailed guide on ProWriting VS Grammarly and choose which software is satisfying your need and which is best suitable for you.

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