Difference between Recruitment and Selection: Best Guide

Dear friends, Today we are here to explain the difference between recruitment and selection process. We will therefore first understand what recruitment and selection mean.

Meaning of Recruitment

Recruitment is a process of identifying, attracting, screening, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. So the overall recruitment process starts from posting job ads to onboarding a candidate. Recruitment is the most important process for any organization as employees are the assets of an organization.

It is a process of finding the best and eligible candidates at the right time in the right place and integrating them into an organization. When we look towards the difference between recruitment and selection so recruitment is a whole process of hiring a candidate and selection is a part of it

Meaning of selection

Selection is the process of selecting the most qualified and suitable candidates for a vacant position in an organization. In HRM selection is a process where HR managers segregate the profiles based on the skills and qualifications of candidates. HR people apply various techniques to select the best and qualified candidates.

Difference between Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is a process of searching out potential applicants and inspiring them to apply for the actual or anticipated vacancy. On the other hand, Selection is a process of hiring employees among the shortlisted candidates.

As we discussed above on both the topic recruitment and selection, so here we can say that recruitment and selection both are separate and different from each other.

Let’s distinguish between recruitment and selection:

1.The first most important difference between recruitment and selection is that selection is a negative process because here many applications are rejected and only a few are accepted, whereas when we see recruitment so it is a positive process as it encourages candidates to apply more and more.

2.The recruitment process entails developing appropriate techniques for attracting more candidates for a position vacancy, whereas the selection process entails identifying the most suitable candidate for the vacancy.

3.Recruitment is the first step, then only the selection comes. Selection is the next step after recruitment and selection depends on recruitment. When profiles will come in large amount then only company can select the best candidate.

4.Recruitment process involves posting job ads on the different job posting portals like Naukri, Monster, and Indeed. Then encouraging potential candidates to apply and get a large amount of application. Selection is a different process where different assessments are taken to find the most suitable and best candidate. The selection process includes such as Interviews, Physical tests, written tests, etc.

5.Recruitment is less time-consuming and less expensive because it only entails identifying job requirements and encouraging candidates to apply for them. Selection entails a wide range of activities that can be both time-consuming and costly.

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